ELBC 2022, Lion

News from companies

On September 6-9, the French Lion hosted representatives of the lead industry from around the world. Experts from the largest companies related to the production of batteries met to discuss the future of the lead-acid battery industry during the ELBC - The Global Lead Battery Innovation Conference & Expo. Nearly 1,000 people took part in fifty workshops.

ELBC is the premier conference for lead battery innovation, bringing together the world's leading lead battery experts, researchers, companies and suppliers. The technical program of the conference presents the latest updates on technical improvements and electrochemical research in thematic areas ranging from energy storage to automotive lead batteries.

One of the most important speakers at the conference was Stefan Stübing, president and CEO of Exide Group. In his speech, he pointed out the new possibilities of using batteries as energy storage, which applications should complement the offer for the automotive and other industries. It also showed what is needed to succeed with lead-acid batteries in competition with lithium-ion. According to the president of Exide Group, the focus should be on research and development to improve the performance of lead-acid batteries. In addition, Stefan Stübing also drew attention to the aspect of lead's sustainable development in the light of the almost full recycling capacity of lead-acid batteries and European regulations centered around the Green Deal idea.

Representatives of member companies of the Association of Producers and Importers of Batteries and Accumulators in Poland (Enersys, Jenox, AUTOPART) as well as representatives of Polish lead smelters - Orzeł Biały, Fenix Metals and Baterpol also came to Lyon.
The ELBC conference is organized by the International Lead Association and the Consortium for Battery Innovation. The next edition will take place in Milan from 16 to 19 September 2024.