Scientific conference: Life cycle of an industrial battery

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As part of public educational campaigns, on February 9, a scientific and technical conference "Life cycle of an industrial battery" was held in Bielsko-Biała, organized by the member company of the Association - EnerSys Sp. z o.o., a manufacturer of high-quality traction and stationary batteries.

Scientific conference: Life cycle of an industrial battery

The conference was attended by experts from EnerSys, the Academy of Environmental Knowledge and Stena Recykling. The speakers focused on the issues of recycling batteries, including lithium-ion batteries, as well as discussed the planned changes to the directive on batteries and accumulators.

Good practices in the field of post-consumer waste management and new regulations on their storage were also widely discussed. The subject that aroused great interest were also the factors influencing the battery life, the warranty and post-warranty care system and the collection systems for used batteries implemented in Poland.


The conference ended with the topic of intelligent energy management systems in warehouses, which - as emphasized by experts - seems to be the leading trend in the development of batteries.

The meeting was attended by several dozen guests who unanimously emphasized the importance of promoting knowledge about battery recycling and showing this process as an ideal example of the Circular Economy.