Why is it worth joining us?

The Association (SPIAB) is the cluster of the entire battery industry. Member companies are among the producers and the most important importers of batteries and accumulators in Poland. As a member, you have access to professional and up-to-date knowledge of the market, trends and tendencies. In addition, you will exchange experiences with people whose business reality is close to you, discuss challenges and learn interesting solutions in the field of operation of battery industry enterprises in Poland. The Association’s members are an integrated team of mutually supportive experts.


Knowledge of the market, trends and industry challenges


Access to good practices in battery companies


Community integration and mutual assistance.

Advantages of being a member of The Association SPIAB

Advantages of being a member of The Association SPIAB

Members of the Association of Producers and Importers of Accumulators and Batteries in Poland can use of the benefits of belonging to an organization:

  - participation in trips of the General Assembly

  - possibility of joining the Management Board or working groups

  - participation in the current work of the Association

  - access to knowledge, legal assistance and industry information

How to become a member of The Association?

A natural or legal person operating in the lead-acid battery industry can become a member of SPIAB. The candidate must have full legal capacity and not be deprived of public rights and must accept the statutory objectives of the Association.

The procedure for accepting a new member is as follows:


A person / company wishing to become a member of SPIAB sends an application to:

Association of Producers and Importers of Accumulators and Batteries in Poland
st. Gdyńska 31/33,
61-016 Poznań
or e-mail: sekretariat@spiab.pl


The decision on admission to SPIAB is made by the Management Board at the next meeting.


The supporting member is represented by his representative.


After adopting a resolution on admission to SPIAB, the Secretariat informs the interested party about this fact and provides information on the Statute, membership fee, dates of the next meetings and a declaration on the protection of competition rights. The declaration must be signed and sent before the first meeting

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